Holy shit this is so accurate. 


oh god, i never expect this to get so many notes. it is so disappointing to see that most reblog-ers are having ED themselves. yes, i checked through their blogs and ask them myself.
to those who have ED please love yourselves and seek help.
to those who are contemplating having an ED for the sole intention of slimming down- please dont. b/c once you start it, there’s no going back. its either you become a living zombie or get fatter/bloated. you’ll never be what you want to look like with an ED. you’ll only end up feeling pain, depressed, regret and you’ll suffer every minute of your life as long as you live. and if you are going to die, it is sure to be a terrible death. so dont.
i love you all.
When your bestfriend is making a presentation at school:



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